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Game Review

ABOUT OUR game review programme


Our 'Game Review' programme is great for any individual who is looking to receive additional support in their development via being assessed within their own team environment during a match.

This programme includes:

  • Pre-match questionnaire for individual to set targets

  • Post-match questionnaire for individual to reflect

  • ACB reviewing key parts of your development 

  • ACB working with individual on feedback at the end

  • Video footage feedback is subject to consent

Our Game Review Programme is ideal for the following:

  • Increasing self-awareness on and off the pitch

  • Individuals who also train with ACB in a 1on1 session

  • Developing skills to reflect and problem solve

  • Players involved in U9s up to U16s (min 7v7 game format)

How does the programme work?

The individual will agree an available date for ACB to attend their match to review their performance.

Days prior to the game:

  • Individual is sent a pre-match questionnaire to fill out helping them set targets for ACB to view


  • ACB will meet individual prior to kick-off to talk over set targets and offer any supportive advice

  • ACB will assess key strengths and challenging scenarios, whilst scoring core skills too.

  • Subject to consent from parents of every individual on the pitch, ACB will capture some game footage of individual in action


  • Individual will be sent a post-match questionnaire to fill out helping them self-asses their progress

  • ACB will send 'focus areas' for future references, including suggestions for any 1on1 sessions

  • Subject to the above consent, ACB will edit any game footage and send across to individual


Thank you for enquiring, we'll be in touch soon


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